Приглашаем всех Волгских казаков к диалогу и обсуждению казачьих тем ! Это ваш и для вас единственный форум !


Что мешает объединиться Волгским казакам в Нижегородской области. Какие препятствия, и кто их чинит. Как преодолеть барьеры стоящие на пути к объединению ? Давайте поделимся своими мнениями.

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You can record keyboard macros, mouse clicks, keyboard shortcut, hotkeys and run any command from a list. You can also capture/write your own custom commands from keyboard or mouse.
Keymacro also allows you to search for text, display filename, open a file, change a setting and more.
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Keymacro also lets you save recorded keyboard macros, mouse clicks, hotkeys and file searches as a.scm file, which is similar to the.scm file used to record custom commands. You can also assign custom icons for various actions.
Moreover, you can make your keyboard macro play back like a CD or MP3 file. You can also easily display the recording you just made or play the entire recording back without having to replay it.
Keymacro is available for Mac OSX.
Mac OSX Version:
Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard and higher
* You can also use Keymacro for Window versions of Mac OSX as long as you have the corresponding software for it (so that Keymacro can record/playback)
Windows Version:
Windows XP and higher
* Support for Windows XP has been discontinued
Keymacro Features:
* Record any keystrokes including keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, mouse clicks and files searches.
* Record your mouse clicks, or any arbitrary hotkey you assign (for example the F7 hotkey, the Windows and Apple keys, and so on).
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