Приглашаем всех Волгских казаков к диалогу и обсуждению казачьих тем ! Это ваш и для вас единственный форум !


Что мешает объединиться Волгским казакам в Нижегородской области. Какие препятствия, и кто их чинит. Как преодолеть барьеры стоящие на пути к объединению ? Давайте поделимся своими мнениями.
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POP Peeper is a POP3 and IMAP Client. The most original and interactive of its kind. Write email to and from most POP3 and IMAP email servers. Supports multiple email accounts and POP3 protocols. Easy to learn, easy to use, also supports other related protocols. Easy to connect and add mail accounts. Settings for email accounts. Password protects both email accounts and password for POP3 and IMAP protocols. Send and receive emails. Run as background application. Simple to use, easy to configure. Works with Webmail and Outlook Express as well as other mail clients and their protocols. Run Portable POP Peeper on any USB stick. You can run POP Peeper from any drive or USB stick. Has two modes: Instant messaging and email notification.


Get notifications from mail even if there is no new mail. Can be used by those who do not have an account at the server.


Nothing that stands out, other than that it does not appear to have an archive function and may not be able to be run on a Windows 64 bit system.


Instant messaging and email notification

Get notifications from mail even if there is no new mail.

Can be used by those who do not have an account at the server

The application has an intuitive interface, while also being pretty easy to use

Easy to add new mail accounts and send them mail

Requires no system requirements other than Windows XP

Simple to use, easy to configure

Can be run from any drive or USB stick

Has two modes: instant messaging and email notification


Not an archiving program

It has an unremarkable interface

It is not compatible with Windows Vista and above

This software uses the IMAP protocol, so for a consistent experience, you’ll want to ensure that your email provider supports IMAP. You can check their website for compatibility.

If your email provider only supports the POP3 protocol, you can try a third party program called POP3 Viewer, which is free for download.

It is available for both Windows XP and Windows Vista, so there are no system requirements.

It will come with the ability to read, compose, delete, and archive mail, so the main downside is that you will not be able to send new mail from your email account.

Simple to use

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